Bad Rabbits, ‘Advantage Me’ (Converse session)

Bad Rabbits are a band from Boston. Of all the music I’ve heard this year, hearing this session they did for Converse was the first thing to really blow me away; which is a big compliment from me, because I’m pretty stupidly jaded for a 21-year-old music writer.

There’s obviously this huge, cheesy r’n’b vibe with some serious Michael Jackson fan-boying going on; there’s this dreamy, hazy 80s radio pop; but what makes this one for me, is this real punk energy sitting dormant behind the lazy guitar lines and gorgeous melody. It’s so restrained, repressed, and it only (very slightly) breaks out around halfway through the song, as this tense, post-punk guitar noodling enters at around the 1.45 mark.

From there (for me at least) it gives off a big vibe of Moving Mountains, or some mellowed-out La Dispute… and then as soon as it rears its head, it disappears again. There’s something really special about this for me.

More broadly, their sound is a lot more funky, fun and upbeat than this soulful session; the lead singer has an absolutely amazing voice; those keyboard sounds are actually guitars; and they tour with bands like Taking Back Sunday, Every Time I Die and Glassjaw, which is pretty weird, but obviously shows they put on a kick-ass live show.

You can get a bunch of Bad Rabbits’ stuff (their whole discography, as far as I can tell) on their website. Start with the ‘Stick Up Kids’ EP.


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