Kendrick Lamar, ‘ADHD’

Something about this one just slays me whenever I listen to it. I’ve got a thing for crazy complex raps over sparse, bare-bones instrumentals… but this is something else entirely.

Kendrick has the strangest voice, scratchy and smooth at the same time, and such an unconventional flow. The beat is so airy and shimmering, and it doesn’t even drop properly until a third of the way into the song. His rapping speeds up a bit once the beat hits, but it’s basically the same. The slight variations and change-ups in tone and rhythm are really special too; really excellent control, easily cuts between styles.

The video is beautiful too. It’s nothing out of the box; just guys hanging on the street, riding around, causing mischief. But the filters they use, the way the light is caught, is just stunning. The neon signs and city lights are used really well, to make everything seem so hazy and dream-like.

I don’t know, this is just great.


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