Stream: Purity Ring, ‘Lofticries’

Canadian duo Purity Ring are exponents of the “treat ‘em mean, keep ‘em keen” school of musical thought; together for almost two years, they’ve released just three tracks online, with the blog community abuzz for their stunning electronic pop.

They take big cues from cult Swedish outfit The Knife, with druggy, hazy beats and synths laying the foundation for twinkling melodies and the soaring, upbeat pop vocals of Megan James. It’s an odd combination, with Burial-style dark dubstep beats intertwined with Chairlift-esque melody and some occasional autotone vocals; hypnotic and nocturnal, with dark, churning, warped bass underneath pretty keys, it’s at once an uncomfortable and beautiful sound… but it is its incongruity that makes it such an alluring listen. Titling their sound ‘future pop,’ check out ‘Lofticries'(above) to see what we mean.

They’ve just signed to 4AD, and their debut album will be released in July. You can hear some snippets of new tracks here (hit ‘refresh’ as each song clip ends, and you’ll get a new track), or you can hear more of their older tracks here.


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