SBTRKT feat. Drake, ‘Wildfire’ (live)

This isn’t new, and the recorded version of this SBTRKT/Drake collab has been around for a while – but this is the first time I’ve come across this being done in a live setting.

Drake lent a spitfire rap to SBTRKT’s ‘Wildfire’ (incidentally, my single favourite track of 2011), replacing Yukimi Nagano’s opening verse, for what is termed the ‘Drake RMX’ of the track. SBTRKT play this version live, often using it as their setcloser/encore, as they did at Laneway Festival this year. But to actually have Drake, inarguably one of the hottest rappers on the planet, actually do this LIVE is pretty cool.

Not Drake’s most electrifying live performance, admittedly – the guy spends most of his time with his back to the audience, bent over, so he’s basically a wiggling ass to most of the audience. But it’s pretty spine-tingling to take an already amazing track, slot in a brilliant verse, and subtly mix up the instrumentals itself for something exciting and fresh.

By the way – that warped ‘wub wub wub’ in the verse, and that splashy, stuttering drumbeat are pretty much my favourite things about music in 2011. Amazing.


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