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Here’s a bit where I’ll search out and talk about a bunch of stupid clothes that I like but you probably won’t. I’ve been known to wear a floral or patterned button-up in my time, making me an authoritative voice on the winds of change that sweep through the fashion world, so take my advice or suffer in sartorial mediocrity.

Shirt, hat, pants, shoes; whatever you need to walk out the door looking and feeling like a fresh OG.

shirtGawen cheetah print tee (buy here)
Cheetah print just pretty much rules no matter the context. I’ve rocked a cheetah print Supreme hat and a cheetah print Trash Talk tee (sometimes, when I’m particularly on the pull, both at once) and both have always made for big success. A deep, dark all-over cheetah print with that tribal-style pocket – you can’t possibly go wrong here.


Benny Gold socks (buy)
Statement socks are the best. Plain chino shorts, boat shoes or Vans, and a sweet patterned sock will never lead you wrong. These dark navy paisley style ones are interesting, and would definitely make a regular appearance in my going out costumes. Pull ’em high like footy socks and wait for the compliments to roll on in.


Woolf button-down (buy)
Can’t really go wrong with a tropical pocket print. Can’t really go wrong with a simple dark button-up. When you combine the two, it’s probably scientifically impossible to go wrong. The off-set paired buttons jazz up a standard dark long-sleeve, making it a more smart-casual and memorable design. Paired with dark jeans or lighter chinos, this is an absolute winner. Know what? I’m buying it right now.


Woolf tropical five-panel
Five-panels are a bit of a hit-or-miss proposition for me. Most of them don’t really fit my head, and you kind of need either really short or long hair to pull it off. But then again, the designs are always just too good to pass up. This Woolf one with a tropical island brim is well tasty – would buy.


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