David Attenborough and Bjork for music documentary

All-round legend David Attenborough and Icelandic genius/diva/goose/envelope-pusher (depending on who you ask) Bjork have teamed up for a documentary on the technology of music.

Just let that sink in for a moment.

David Attenborough, who is second only to Samuel L Jackson in any poll of “people you want to narrate your life,” that monolith of documentary film-making and legit animal guru – if animals were Pokemon and he a Pokemon trainer, you better believe he would have that Pokedex filled UP, even including those stupid new Pokemon that nobody cares about – has joined forces with Bjork, she of ever-changing cosmetics and Iceland’s biggest export behind ice.

Creatively titled Attenborough and Björk: The Nature of Music, the doco is not their first collaboration. Attenborough had previously narrated an iPad suite that accompanied Bjork’s latest album, ‘Biophilia,’ the film showing off some of the weird and wonderful instruments she has been using as of late.

It’s screening on English TV this week. Check out the trailer above.


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