Listen: The Naked And Famous, ‘Hearts Like Ours’

While always wary of even the appearance of praising something from New Zealand, I’m going to break my own rule in sharing the latest track from synthpop outfit The Naked And Famous.

It’s called ‘Hearts Like Ours,’ and it’s the first single from their upcoming second album ‘In Rolling Waves.’ TNAF burst out with 2010 bangers ‘Young Blood’ and ‘Punching In A Dream’ (both of which are still soundtracking TV spots for cider and cars to this day) and the world sat up, if only in shock that something good besides Lord Of The Rings could come out of New Zealand.

I fell in love with the dreamy, euphoric and unashamedly 80s-ripping dreampop sound, and was more or less blown away by their morning opening slot on a small stage at the 2011 Big Day Out. They’ve since gone on to (much) bigger and better things, touring almost non-stop around the world since then and scoring festival slots far deeper into the night than on that January ’11 jaunt over the Tasman.

‘Hearts Like Ours’ doesn’t really stray too far from the formula they set out with debut LP ‘Passive Me Aggressive You’ – light and airy keys, a fat synth sitting in the middle as a bass note, booming 80s drums, and those euphoric shout-a-long choruses that burst from nowhere to anchor the entire track. It’s a sound custom-built for confetti cannons to explode over dancing festival crowds, a sound made for girls to sit on guy’s shoulders with arms raised and badly mouthing along to the lyrics. Nostalgic and triumphant and free, you can almost picture the neon lights and pulsing video screens explode into life as the chorus drops.

Bloody hell this is a cracker.


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