Glenn to strum into the record books

Originally published in the Illawarra Mercury

A guitar is almost an extension of Glenn Haworth’s arm, but he will be tackling a different instrument when he takes on his second wacky world record in October.

Haworth, frontman for popular rockers The Conspiracy Plan and manager of Haworth’s Music stores in Shellharbour and Wollongong, is in training to set the Guinness world record for longest continuous ukulele playing.

“I wanted to do a ukulele record, and there isn’t one currently,” he said.

“But Guinness said if I can play for more than 24 hours, they’ll give me the world record.”

While more familiar with the big six-string instrument than the miniature four-stringer, he is aiming to play from 11am on October 4 until midday on October 5, and raise $50,000 for Make-A-Wish Australia in the process.

“The ukulele is fun and cool, I can play it a bit,” Haworth said.

“I’ve been learning some songs, and I’m going to get people up on the day to sing and play and help keep me awake.”

If successful, it will be his second world record, after he managed to restring 30 guitars in a single hour back in 2009.

“That was a great day, we’ve got the certificate and photos up in the shop, and I thought it’s been a while since I did something crazy,” Haworth said.

Guinness have set a number of strict rules, such as only having 30 seconds between songs played and only a five-minute break every hour.

Haworth said he had been learning “about 50” songs so far, with plans to learn up to 100 for the marathon ukulele session.

“I’ve been training as well. I need to learn how to play right and left-handed to give my fingers a break,” he said.

“It’s a bit different to guitar. I need to practise playing for a long time, so even at 3am when my body is telling me to sleep, I can just keep playing in like a trance state.”

Haworth has already raised over $1500 for Make-A-Wish, with the goal of $50,000 to be boosted by an auction of a custom ukulele that Maton Guitars will produce for the world record attempt.

Donations can be made online at, or at Haworth’s stores.


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