‘How I Met Your Mother’ final season teaser

It’s been a long eight years, but fans of How I Met Your Mother were finally – finally – given a glimpse of the ubiquitous mother at the end of last season. With the final episodes to air from September, this teaser trailer for the final season has just been released; and no doubt it echoes some of the sentiments held by long-time viewers of the show for its exhaustingly drawn-out narration.

For years, Ted Mosby has had his two children sat down on the couch, recounting his own thirty-something yuppie New York version of The Never Ending Story as he cycles through a seemingly endless tale of how each woman he dated ended up NOT being the kids’ mother – and the kids are pissed.

“I went through puberty on this couch!” his son rages, as the daughter says they have been subsisting on rain water and spiders.

“All you’ve talked about is an endless parade of sluts you’ve banged,” says the – admittedly pretty smokin’ – daughter, no doubt giving voice to the frustration that viewers of the beloved comedy have increasingly been feeling as the show continued on with no end (or mother) in sight.

I’ve loved the show since day 1, but I have thought they should have started wrapping it up a little earlier. And for the record, I still hold true to my theory that Ted and Robin get together in some way – probably with Robin as Ted’s wife after he breaks up with the kids’ mother. I might be wrong, but I don’t think Ted has ever really referred to the kids’ mother as his “wife” or anything during the series (always “your mother”), and with everything that has gone on with him and Robin, the laws of TV sitcoms dictate that they must get together at the end. Plus, to have gone through eight years of a revolving door of women, it would be grossly unfair for Ted to meet, fall in love with and sail off into the sunset with a character that is only on screen for one season. It’s GOTTA be Robin.

HIMYM starts back up September 23.


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