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I Oh You are a bunch of rad dudes in Sydney or Melbourne or something who do sweet parties all over the joint and look after some of the best young bands in Australia (Bleeding Knees Club, DZ Deathrays, Snakadaktal, Violent Soho). The dudes put out a novelty t-shirt every now and then – check the straight amazing Kyle Sandilands tee – and the new one is pretty damn sweet. Blue print on plain white, with a bunch of Brad Pitt faces on the back, the design is called (PUN ALERT) ‘Circle Pitt.’ Also doesn’t hurt that Alison Wonderland is a mad babe model. Buy this one and roll dem sleeves up a little to show off your glistening pythons.


DAAN five-panel (buy)
This baroque-y floral print over  a geometric black-and-white base. So obnoxious and I’m sure I’d hate any other person I see wearing it, but I must have this.


Icon Rubik’s cube necklace (buy)
Not at all sure how functional this piece really is, but it’s pretty difficult to pass up any chance to wander about the town with a Rubik’s cube on a chain around your neck.


Stussy boardies (buy)
Shorts are back in stores. Summer is coming. Stussy boardies are about the most comfortable damn things on the planet, and have got me through the last few summers. These ones are leopard print, so even if they weren’t Stussy or even if they weren’t shorts, I would still be all over them like white on rice. Summer is coming.


If you have a pair of pants like this then consider yourself officially off my Myspace Top 8.



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