Jukebox #3

Violent Soho, ‘Dope Calypso’
I’ve written about Violent Soho before, and I’m seriously stoked that their new album ‘Hungry Ghost’ is just off the horizon. The new track is ‘Dope Calypso,’ and while they’ve moved on a bit from their Nirvana-worshipping early single ‘Neighbour Neighbour,’ the Pixies and Smashing Pumpkins are still pretty obvious touchpoints for the Brisbane boys. It’s way more punk rock than what they’ve been doing of late, that quiet serene opening giving way to a blistering opening bridge that could have come straight from Balance & Composure or Title Fight. It moves into the simple garage-rock we know and love from the band, but it’s those chugging, powerful bridges peppered through that make this a notable release for the band – if for nothing else than they’re doing something a little different and moving ever so slightly out of their own wheelhouse. And as always, the film clip itself is entertaining as hell, as the blokes skate and hang their way through. “We’ve gotta make a new video? Just grab the Go Pro around and follow us around for a day.”

Chvrches, ‘Gun’
Chvrches are really great, except for that V in the middle of their name. Why is everyone doing that now? Just spell things properly; putting a V or X in the middle of your name to replace another letter is on a par with writing things with an unnecessary #hashtag. I digress. Chvrches are great. Out of the current crop of UK buzzbands, they’re probably Girl Most Likely to be a crossover mainstream success story. A slice of gorgeous, blossoming euphoria synthpop in ‘Gun,’ it’s a sound that’s going to send the band through the roof when their album finally drops.

NWA, ‘Straight Outta Compton’
I’m probably too white to listen to this song but whatever. Also Ice Cube is definitely just Ryder from GTA San Andreas.

TV On The Radio, ‘Mercy’
I love it when TVOTR get a bit heavier. Still the coolest, grooviest band going around, even when they drop most of the indie-pop sensibilities they’ve become known for and just let out their inner dirty rock beast. Just pure New York cool.


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