Watch: Tommy M & The Mastersounds, ‘This Kind Of Heat’

The best band in Wollongong are back and ruling just as much as ever.

It’s hard enough trying to get eight of your friends in the same room together, let alone trying to get them to all turn up ready to work together and juggle eight different egos and opinions, which is probably the reason for Tommy M & The Mastersounds’ relative absence from the local music scene and the delay in getting their new EP out – but trust, it’s worth the wait.

This video, for ‘This Kind Of Heat,’ is the first taster from their EP of the same name. The recording itself is a million miles beyond their first EP ‘Pineapple.’ I spoke to drummer Joe Mungovan (AKA the handsomest guy in the Illawarra) a few weeks back and he said a huge focus of the recording process was trying to infuse the tapes with their huge live gig energy, to get that youthful exuberance down in the studio, and from the sounds of this example they have nailed that. The track is a staple of their live sets, and the recording is just loose and funky enough to really call forth their concert energy.

But the real drawcard here is the video itself. It’s almost their take on an OK Go video, the band in matching workout outfits as they vie for the attentions of the hottie with the body. Synchronised treadmill/bike/exercise mat routines, a shredding shower scene guitar solo, and a lot of gratuituous cleavage shots – I laughed most of the way through this one, and it looks absolutely killer to boot.

EP is out September 21, with a launch show at the Heritage Hotel in Bulli that night.

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