Ron Burgundy delivers the final thoughts on the 2013 Australian election

Just when you think the Australian federal election is over, done and dusted, nothing more to see here…

You’ve been waiting for it, no doubt. Ron Burgundy has delivered the final thought on the election.

Yes, somehow through the magic of the movies, 1970s anchorman Burgundy – the star of that movie about an anchorman whose title escapes me at this moment – has commented on the 2013 Australian federal election.

It may be a bit rich to talk of this election cycle as a “battle of the titans,” the idea of Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard engaging in “mental fisticuffs” is pretty great. And hearing an American say “banana hammock” is always worth the price of admission alone.

“We forgot a Labor party even existed,” says Mr Burgundy. Yes, Ron – yes we did.

There’s room here for a joke about how a fictional American newscaster from the 1970s could cover the election better than Australia’s current media, but considering the job and industry from which I currently derive my income, making that joke is perhaps unwise.

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One response to “Ron Burgundy delivers the final thoughts on the 2013 Australian election

  1. With this election, the winners will be the TV shareholders. The rest of us will be emotionally bankrupt.

    The poor brainwashed electors; they’re blind, they’re deaf, they’re rusted on and they’re no longer able to think for themselves. “They believe”.

    They’re so confused. Some will NOT vote for Labor, and others will NOT vote for the Coalition.

    After the election, the smoke and mirrors will leave us all with tears in our eyes and bleeding from the cuts.

    Those who survive the 2013 election campaign will envy those who perished in it.

    In the meantime, we can only hope for the best and make sure the beer’s cold.

    Maybe now would be a good time to buy shares in a brewery.



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