‘The Fox’ is the next mega-viral video

Here’s the hot tip: this is the video you’ll see popping up on Twitter tonight, Facebook tomorrow, morning television shows late next week, and the video your mum will link you to on Facebook sometime after that saying “LOL have you seen this, just saw it on The Today Show, SO FUNNY!!!!”

It’s called ‘The Fox,’ and it’s by a Norwegian brother duo called Ylvis. And it’s bizarre.

Based on every two-year-old’s favourite speaking game – “what noise does the (insert animal) say?” –  that two mid-twenties brothers are too old to play, let alone explore through song, the track boils down to one existential, brain-busting, existence-affirming question: “what does the fox say?”


And once that beat drops, you’ll be treated to various theories on what the fox says. The brothers posit various theories, no doubt based on extensive scientific research in the field of animal vocal traits. An early thought is that the fox says “ring-a-ding-ding-ding-ding-a-ding,” a la the Crazy Frog. That idea is soon rubbished in favour of a “pow-pa-pow-pa-pow-pa-pow-pow-pow” (complete with ass-spanking hand actions), the patently ridiculous “hatee-hatee-hatee-ho,” and the semi-plausible “tchoff-tchoff-tchoff-tchoff.”

A possible-pedophile sits on a rocking chair in a darkened forest, seemingly reading a storybook to a frightened child but actually just making fox noises. He seems oblivious to the fox rave unfolding around him.

The second brother makes his case, posing a more rational and direct question; if a fox is to talk to a horse, how would they communicate? Of course, this is a question that has plagued and tormented animal psychologists and Norwegian songwriters for millenia, and the question can not be answered in a simple three minute electro-pop comedy song. But being the helpful guy he is, brother #2 suggests Morse code. Possibly because the lack of opposable thumbs in both horses and foxes would make text messaging rather difficult.

Then, glossing over his semi-rational answer to the horse/fox communication breakdown, brother #2 goes HAM and suggests a Gob from Arrested Development impersonating a chicken ‘cha cha cha cha cha’ as a possible basis for fox communication.

It’s all a bit silly.

And it’s coming to a computer screen, morning TV show and club remix near you.

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