Abbott’s first Prime Ministerial photobomb

Want to hob nob with Tony, Julie or Malcolm sometime in the future? Make sure you pack the lolly bag (and that’s not a Joe Hockey joke).

Last night Australia saw an historic moment. Not the ousting of our second Prime Minister in a matter of months; not the landslide defeat of the Labor Party; not the election of Clive “I’ve-got-more-money-than-you-could-ever-dream-of” Palmer.

It was the first photobomb of Tony Abbott’s Prime Ministerial career.


Fregmonto Stokes is on the left, with one of Tony’s “not bad looking” daughters and his wife between

Tony Abbott does not actually have a comically giant arm; that is in fact his wife’s dress.

Serial protestor Fregmonto Stokes gained access to the Liberal victory party, made it all the way past security and into the inner sanctum of the party, and even made it all the way on stage to shake Tony’s hand as he soaked in the atmosphere after his victory speech.  Fregmonto Stokes congratulated the newest Aussie PM, said he was “happy to help” in the election campaign, and was eventually manhandled off stage by an admitedly slow-on-the-uptake personal security detail. Fregmonto Stokes – I just love writing that name – said he made a fake security wristband “from a yellow Starburst wrapper,” according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Fregmonto Stokes – and you’d almost bet on that being a fake name, if he didn’t actually also go by the fake name of Twiggy Palmcock – got some photos with El Presidente Tony, boneheaded into some photo ops, and even asked if he could be the new candidate for Greenway after the hilarious defeat of Jaymes Diaz.


The message of the night: if you’re keen to have a chat, or take a selfie with old Tony, some basic primary school craft skills and a sweet tooth will set you right.

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