The best sweatshirts on Earth can be yours for $79

Keep It Simple, Stupid. The KISS epithet is one spouted by middle managers and self-professed self-help gurus from Melbourne to Montreal to varying degrees of success, but in the case of online retailer Private Party, it’s an ethos that has spouted one of the true fashion mash-ups of our time – rap, astrology, and dogs.

With a line of plain sweatshirts, decorated only with bold block capital letters, Private Party drops a collection for the ages. YEEZUS IS A GEMINI, screams one, with the corresponding astrological sign on the sleeve. DRAKE IS A SCORPIO proclaims another.


But it’s the other one’s that would make the boldest statement on a night out – PHARRELL’S HAT jumps out from one brown crew neck, while Lorde would be thrilled to know her anti-rap anthem ‘Royals’ is memorialised with a grey tank and black sweater flourished with JET PLANES ISLANDS TIGERS ON A GOLD LEASH.


But to go even deeper into the rabbit hole, why not a striking white number splashed with CARA DE LEVIGNE’S EYEBROWS or TUPAC’S HOLOGRAM?


Or for the little woofer in your life, a pug-sized onesie proclaiming I LOVE BAD BITCHES or I WOKE UP LIKE THIS.


Best sweaters ever, or greatest sweaters OF ALL TIME? Just make you do like Drake and wear every single crew even when you’re in the house.


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