Beach Burrito build first skatepool-in-a-restaurant in the world


Beach Burrito, that famed repository of Mexican and margaritas, seems well on track with its plans of world taco domination. From humble beginnings in its Bondi flagship store in 2006, the Mex-merchants have spread like your buttcheeks involuntarily do after too much carne asada. To Cronulla, Coogee, Fortitude Valley, and even some places NOT near a beach – Canberra, Darlinghurst, Newtown and even snowy Jindabyne – Beach Burrito have taken their brand of south-of-the-border cuisine, coupled with their restaurants filled with music, art and skate culture, around the country.

They’ve also just built the world’s first  skate pool in a restaurant.

BB’s soon-to-be-opened franchise in Fitzroy will hold a giant concrete pool “complete with stairs, tiles, pool coping and a death box,” according to a company press release.

“The restaurant is still far from operational, however the Pool has already seen a bunch of sessions go down from some of the countries finest.”

Looks pretty rad – I mean, often while chowing down on my weekly taco fix, I’ll think to myself “I’ve got my food, my beer – all I need now is a skateboard popping a mad kickflip in front of me to make this evening complete.”

Here’s hoping something equally rad is on the cards when Beach Burrito open their Wollongong store in the near future. The local franchise is set to open in Globe Lane, occupying a two-storey building on the corner, and big boss Blake Read assured us they would be bringing live art and music to the spot when it opens.

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