Q&A: Bored Kids Who Draw

Bored Kids Who Draw is a clothing label run by Wollongong student Joseph. A wild mix of colour and monochrome, splashes of neon and geometric design, it’s line of contrasts – one minute reappropriating logos of Coke and Sprite then squiggling a burst of brightness. It’s clothing for the ADHD internet generation, all high contradiction and low attention span and highly unique. Joseph gave us the rundown on the label.

sleepless_temp4 SODAPOP

What is Bored Kids Who Draw? 
Bored Kids Who Draw is my clothing label. It is essentially my biggest passion and what I live to do. I began the label with a good friend of mine but we parted ways very early on because he was still in school and had other things to focus on, so I handle everything. It is still very bedroom-based at the moment but I am interested in getting some stocking in Australia or even abroad.

How did Bored Kids Who Draw start? 
I guess it has been something I have always wanted to pursue from a n early age. I actually had my first dig at this shit when I was in year 12 for a design class I was doing for my HSC. I did alright as well for that, but after year 12 – which was the end of 2011 – I sort of closed the book on it until about late July last year when a good friend of mine – Jono – was doing a similar thing and I just thought why not. Nothing to lose, and I always fuck around on photoshop and make designs for no reason so I might as well put these designs to print.


What’s your background in design or art or clothing?
My background in design, art and clothing only goes as far as my year senior years at high school. I have been drawing since I was born but never did legit art lessons, but I was self taught due to my countless hours on line as a kid looking up Dragonball Z characters and attempting to redraw them until they were close to perfect (or what i thought was at the time anyway). But design wise; I was given photoshop for a birthday present when I was in year 12 and just trawled through tutorials on YouTube, that is my background in design! As for clothing, I have always been conscious of style and trends. I consider myself as an outsider looking in at trends and styles people like, and observing what makes them attractive to these people and to myself, and then addressing these trends and styles in my own way.

What or who inspires you?
A lot of other brands influence what I make, and some artists too; but I find inspiration everywhere I look. For example I was looking at a Ritalin box the other day and thought ‘that’d look cool on a tee’ so i designed it. Absolutely everything can influence what I make, the brutal and forever changing nature of the internet is a large influence, but even my own personal issues such as anxiety. A lot of best shit is made when I feel down or anxious.


Is BKWD your only artistic outlet?
Well I study journalism as well at UOW, which requires some serious creativity at times, so i wouldn’t say BKWD is my only outlet of creativity. I also love painting with friends – as in graffiti – but not boundary pushing, train painting stuff, just chill, legal walls or in my friends backyard.

BKWD is a clash of bright swirls of colour then geometric patterns, internet references and re-appropriated consumer logos. What’s your aim? What are you trying to do?
My designs are rather eclectic and together create this culmination of colourful nonsense and confronting bullshit that either pisses people off or attracts people too my stuff. This is pretty obvious in comment son my photos on instagram that range from “that is fucking gross and shit” too “this looks cool, i get it”. I have a semi-decent following but I don’t market my shit too the general public. In fact I want to deter the general public away from BKWD. If you like my stuff, thats dope, and if you buy it and rep it that is even better; but I want to keep BKWD away from getting too commercial, which ironically can be done by stealing logos from the most commercial brands in the world and bootlegging them as my own.

The label is mostly t-shirts and longsleeves so far, plans to expand into other clothing?
I do make a lot of tee designs but hope to get into some hats again for Summer later on and maybe accessories. Baby steps though. Shit costs money!

What’s next for the label?
What’s next is hopefully branching off into other things. Video, installation art and photography first off.

See the full BWKD range here

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