Listen: Newmoon, ‘Aria’


It isn’t often you can get onboard with a band on the ground floor, and follow their ride of success from small-time hobby project in the garage to world-beaters.

With Belgian act Newmoon, here’s your chance.

An upbeat, breezy, almost-bright strain of post-punk seeps through on their track ‘Aria,’ an early taste of upcoming debut EP Invitation To Hold. It ticks all the boxes for hallmarks of post-punk – moaned vocals, splashy cymbals, frenetic guitar – but Newmoon infuse the track with something more. An energy, an optimism that sets them apart from all the 90s throwback bands doing the rounds today.

‘Aria’ climaxes into a euphoric instrumental at the song’s end, which will surely be the trigger for mass venue-wide dancing at live shows… when they get around to playing some.

Because for their songwriting strength, Newmoon have played but one live show. They have been responsible for zero physical releases to this point, and indeed only formed a few months ago. They came on the radar solely because of Jeremy Bolm (vocalist for world-beating hardcore outfit Touche Amore) and his label, Secret Voice. An offshoot of the heavy music titan Deathwish Records, Secret Voice is an outlet for Bolm’s own pet projects – a few 7″ vinyl releases, a blistering collaboration of his own with members of The Hope Conspiracy, Against Me and Trap Them called Hesitation Wounds, and a zine of his own writings called Downtime. Bolm is one of the most exciting and creative voices in heavy music today, and I’ll always take a peek at whatever he’s doing.

Secret Voice will release Invitation To Hold in August, and released ‘Aria’ as part of vinyl pre-orders. Another track is available below:

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