WATCH: Hockey Dad, ‘I Need A Woman’


Hockey Dad sound like long lazy days at the beach; riding your skateboard down the street at midday without a care in the world; cruising down the coast with the windows down and your feet on the hot dashboard and the plastic vinyl covering starting to crack in the summer sun.

It’s fitting the Windang frothers have made their first music video about just that feeling, that vibe of living by the coast in a suburb most will drive through but few will stop at.

The sunny surf-rock duo of Zach Stephenson and Billy Fleming craft their sunny pop gems on rolling drums and jangly guitar and high vocals. It’s a tried-and-tested formula that the Leisure Coast boys are working to their advantage, quickly racking up support slots alongside Palms, Bloods, Major Leagues, Bad Dreems, Step-Panther and more in recent months, and the good times are set to keep on rolling with the release of debut EP ‘Dreamin’ tomorrow (June 27, through F/O Records). Lead single ‘I Need A Woman’ has been doing the rounds on Triple J lately, and on the eve of the EP’s release, Hockey Dad have unveiled the video for said single.

On grainy VHS-quality video, the boys take us through a day in the life of a Windang local – ambling up the street and along the Lake Illawarra foreshore on bike and board, dropping into the takeaway shop for a bag of hot chips, sucking down a sneaky brown-bagged longneck on the main road, finding dick graffiti and downing a beer at the bar.

The video hones in on the ramshackle elements of the town – the run-down houses, the outdated computer store and Tribal Tattoo shopfront, the lonely bloke sitting at the pub, the bottle-o selling single beers at $2 a pop – but in an endearing fashion, rather than a derogatory one. It’s Windang, the suburb passed through on the way south to Shellharbour or north to Wollongong, somewhat derided and partially forgotten, but for the Hockey Dad boys it is home, and it’s about making the best of what you’ve got around you.

It finishes up with Billy stripping down for a skinny-dip in the weak autumn sunshine, because why not?

Hockey Dad is a name you’ll be hearing more in the future. Order the EP here.

The band have just announced a string of East Coast dates to support the EP in August.

August 1 – FBI Social, Sydney
August 3 (day) – Rad, Wollongong (all ages)
August 3 (night) – Rad, Wollongong (18+)
August 8 – Alhambra, Brisbane
August 16 – Public Bar, Melbourne

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