Subway in $35m “blackmail” threat over “secret recipes”

Subway Man Tamarindo

The secrets of overpriced, oversized sandwiches may be let loose into the public domain if an audacious $35million demand from an Australian Subway franchisee is not met.

The Age is reporting a 30-year-old sandwich artist from Melbourne is threatening to reveal the “trade secrets” of Subway after he was stripped of his franchise in April after alleged breaches in the franchise agreement.

In documents tendered to the Victorian Supreme Court, the international arm of Subway alleges the man “sent emails to Subway’s World Heaquarters in the United States containing his threats and demands. They included a warning that he had already disclosed some confidential information to American newspaper, USA Today.”  Subway also claims the Melbourne man demanded $35million otherwise he would share the secrets online.

Subway, of course, deals in the ancient and mystical artform of ham sandwiches. What trade secrets such a sandwich firm could hold are unclear at this stage.

A special formula for cheese?
Some recipe for the perfect chopping pattern for lettuce?
The exact perfect temperature and time for which to toast a foot-long meatball sub?

Everyone knows Subway isn’t much chop. Sure, decent ingredients, good length, bomb-ass cookies – but it’s hardly something you would struggle to concoct at home. The Colonel’s 11 Herbs and Spices, it ain’t. The secret Coca-Cola recipe, nuh-uh. It’s overpriced, oversized sandwiches you could make at home – that’s the crux of it.

Let him spill the beans on Subway secrets, I say. “Ham sandwich – bread, ham and cheese. The end.” Ground-breaking!

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