Todd Carney in a wee bit of trouble for piss-take

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UPDATE: Todd Carney has been officially sacked from the Cronulla Sharks in the wake of the controversy. “The photograph that appeared last night on social media does not meet the values and standards the club is looking to uphold and take into the future,” reads a statement from club CEO Steve Noyce. 

Footballers.  They’re a newsworthy bunch, for more reasons than the NRL would care to admit. We’ve had sex scandals, group sex scandals, toilet cubicle sex episodes, animal sex photos, drug sagas, match-fixing allegations, off-field brawl and sexual assault incidents, hotel hallway defecation, lewd phone messages,  and seemingly a weekly alcohol binge against team orders.

But thanks to perennial poster boy for poor behaviour, Todd Carney, we’ve now ticked off the holy grail of off-field incidents – a footballer urinating into his own mouth in a public bathroom, with a photo of the Cronulla Sharks star appearing to do so being posted on Twitter early Sunday morning.


“Oh where, oh where, in this whole nightclub could I find a drink?” – the photo, via @PromotersInc

The Sharks are already under investigation from drug body ASADA over the alleged use of illegal supplements, but it seems the ingestion of a far more common substance will be their main focus for this week. A photo appearing to show Carney pissing into his own mouth at a urinal was shared by @PromotersInc at 6am Sunday.

It is unclear when and where the photo was captured, but Carney’s Wikipedia page has already been updated to claim the photo was taken at Cronulla nightclub Northies. The Twitter page for Promoters Inc spruiks the business as “one of Australia’s leading nightclub promoters,” with their website promoting events at Cockle Bay Wharf’s Pontoon Bar, and the Star Bar in the Sydney CBD.

No comment has thus far been made by Carney or the Sharks, with team CEO Steve Noyce simply saying he was “aware of the photo.”

“I’ve spoken to the NRL and we’ll investigate the matter,” Mr Noyce said.

Carney’s chequered past has its highs and lows. After having contracts from both the Canberra Raiders and the Sydney Roosters torn up over off-field indiscretions, his rap sheet includes a litany of driving and drinking offences, including an alleged incident where he urinated on another man in a nightclub.

Amazingly, it’s not the only recent incident of an Australian pissing in his own mouth making the news. This guy was snapped having a quiet drink in the middle of the moshpit at a Trash Talk concert in Melbourne, which prompted VICE to post a revealing, thought-provoking and intellectual Q&A with Aussie skater Troy West who claims to have won several pissing competition wagers while touring through Europe. West calls the act “bubbling.”


When the music is so heavy, you just need to piss in your own mouth

So please, guys, stop pissing in your own mouths. That shit can’t be hygenic.

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