Texas brewery launches 99-pack of beer


You’re having a party tonight, and need mucho beers, pronto. Six-pack? That won’t cut the mustard, you’ve got 40 people coming over. One case? Getting closer, but that’ll be gone in minutes.

99-pack of beer? Now you’re talking.


That’s the logic behind Austin Beerworks and their monster new delivery device/publicity stunt (whichever way you’d like to look at it), the 99-pack of their Peacemaker brew. A giant box of booze, it lines up 33 rows of three cans each. The case is seven foot long and weighs around 40 kilograms.

Like a giant alcoholic version of a Toblerone, you can slowly unwrap the packaging and feast on the amber goodness inside. The pack is aptly named the Peacemaker; because after sharing 99 beers between mates, you’re definitely feeling peaceful (or ready to piss in your own mouth, according to Todd Carney).


It takes two men to carry the beast, which retails for $99 – a nifty dollar per beer.

“It’s really impractical,” brewery co-founded Michael Graham told CBS.

“We conceived of it just to be silly, but we never thought there would be any real interest from retailers and consumers… I guess we underestimated the power of a stupid idea.”

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